See and find have a nice climbing.



Training on the Saturday.

The  FF kids say:

The climbing training, was very cool, and plessend, you will learn a lot.

Some time it's hard work but we like to do it, because it will improves our climbing.

Some time we are climbing outside, or in another climbing hall.

We were always happy with the training from Bart Korff, Jilske + Saschja.

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FF Kids and the new hand painted T-shirt from Ruud Klemkerk.

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FF Kids in Bussum.

For the climbing hall owner and sponsors, company's, there is a upertunion to give more facilities for this kids.

You must know every kid is low budged, so make it easy for them.

You can say I did something for free, so you don't have to say sorry and bla, bla  my climbing hall, or company's is not so good.


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