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Prepare: your food (wash it and cut it in small piece) it's take's less time to cook.

Prepare: your pan & plate, and so on.

Prepare: your spices.

Prepare: your full! You have plenty?

You may try it out at home, but we have done it already specially for you, and the food is delicious.


Salade Nicoise

1 thin cup tonijn in oil

100 gram green olive

2 tomatos

1 krop green latice

1 onion

2 hardboiled eggs

3 spoon of olive oil

1 spoon of vinager

1 spoon france mustard



Cut by hand the green latice into small pieces.

Share the tona through the latice.

Cut the tomatos in small pieces and do the same thing whith the eggs.

Cut the onion in small rings and springle them over the salat.

Put the green olives on top of the salad.

Mix the oil, vinager, mustard and the pepper and salt in a bowl.

Mix thise, vinegarsauce gently over the salad.

We wish you a nice dinner and tastefull dinnner.

Salade nicoise is a very light dinner for hot days.

It is handy that you prepare the Salade nicoise before you clim and put it in a tupperware.

It take's no room and still you have a healty dinner.

A nice drink?

You are still hungry and wand more info.

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