Frequently asked questions.

If I make some mistake, well because I can see? and think  in that way, I hope to do better for your benefits.

If you have questions, or a better idea mail me for the best solutions.

The best way to see is in a browser such as Internet Explorer 5.0 ?( maybe you now better? )

If you are not blind and see some climbing photos you can go to my other homepage http://www.xs4all.nl/~klemkerk/

Coming soon more climbing news.

Some time the info is not update, every day, but whit your help we can.

The price for climbing is in the year (2002) some time 10%---30 % higher!

The price for climbing is this year (2004) some time 10% higher!

I try to re mail you so fast as I can, but I am working 5 days and like to climb in the evening and in the weekends and holly days, and only I am in the early morning hours on the Internet, sorry.

You can click on a link to see the info, some time with text and more.

If you wand to send me some photos mail me first.

I say thanks to all my friends for the free info and more.

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