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Alladalli/Anton Piek

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In the park you can climb.(Park de uitvlucht)

location: groten huysweg, Purmerend.

Object: a play castle for children.

How to go: from Amsterdam the high way north,  Volendam (N247) Edam---purmerend-nort(N244)

take the road Industry (de baanstee) "Edison weg" till a T crossing " van Os weg " go left.

drive till the park ("de uitvlucht") at your left site.

probably its done by beginning construction workers ?(It's a play castle for children Alladalli/Anton Piek) near the roadway from the park.

Because they build it from secondhand stone, you can see it as a training object.

You can climb (+/- 3m high) and stay for a picknic.

Beware fore your feet and hands!

Beware before you go boulder some time there is broken glass at the ground!

Some time young people stay a round, don't confuse them with the boulder people.

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